9 Essential Travel Tips For An Unforgettable Babymoon

A babymoon is a chance for expectant couples to vacation together before they become a threesome, or larger.  The goal is to visit a romantic locale preferably with sun and a spa to just relax together and bond. However, couples can also use the babymoon as an opportunity to see a new place they have always wanted to go together as a twosome.

You and your significant other will most likely be living life at an accelerated pace while pregnant. Numerous visits to the doctor, childbirth classes, shopping for baby gear, baby showers, baby proofing, reading baby books and more will keep you extremely busy. What better way to recharge and connect to your partner than go on one last trip together before the big day that will change your lives forever?

Many women still feel energetic during the first or second trimesters (and haven’t quite experienced the “I’m as a huge as a whale” feeling yet), making this a great time to get out and spend some quality one-on-one time during your pregnancy. Location and activities should factor into how far along you are in your pregnancy. The key is to come back refreshed and not ragged.

Here are some helpful tips to help you plan the perfect babymoon:

Time it right. Don’t travel during morning sickness or in your third trimester when you could be restricted if you plan to fly somewhere.

Keep it low stress. You’ve already been taking on extra stress during pregnancy and will have even more responsibilities when your baby arrives, so try and keep this vacation well planned and low key. Before choosing a destination, check travel advisories and the Center for Disease Control. Schedule non-stop flights with an aisle seat or choose a reasonable driving radius with plenty of bathrooms to stop at along the way.  If taking a road trip for your babymoon, don’t drive anywhere longer than 6 hours. Pack snacks, stay hydrated and take frequent breaks to stretch and get your blood flowing. Put your seat back and leave room between your baby bump and the dashboard or steering wheel. Think twice about choosing a cruise; you don’t want to get seasick and not have an escape.

Stick to pregnancy friendly activities. Try beachside strolls, swimming in the pool, raft lounging, prenatal yoga, music by sunset. Or, if traveling to a more metropolitan area, make sure to leave room for some R&R between going to a show, visiting a museum, shopping or touring the city.

Make sure there is a good hospital nearby! Wherever you decide to go for your babymoon, it is important that reputable medical help is in the vicinity of your hotel. A medical emergency is also a lot easier if there is no language barrier, so be sure the place you travel to has a population that speaks English or you know the native tongue.  Contact your hotel and find out what medical services they have. Avoid anything too exotic where you may need to get extra vaccines. Run your plans by your OBGYN to be safe.

Go for comfort. Book a king size bed and choose a room or suite with a short walk to the bathroom. It is hard enough to get a good night’s sleep at home and the last thing you want is an uncomfortable situation when traveling. Ask for extra pillows or bring your favorite with you and make sure they have good AC and heating depending on the time of year. You’ll be looking to get some sleep so pass on rooms near the elevator or overlooking the kiddy pool. Some resorts are quite large so find out if there is a shuttle or golf carts that can pick you up if you get tired from walking. Otherwise, a trip back to grab your prenatal vitamin or sunscreen might be an exhausting journey.

Treat yourself! Schedule a spa appointment or better yet an entire day! Once baby arrives, “me” time will be a thing of the past for a while. A soothing facial, prenatal massage and getting pampered with your partner is a great way to de-stress during your babymoon.

Read reviews. Plan your meals ahead of time. Yelp restaurants and make sure there is something on the menu for both you and your partner. When you are eating for two, a hotel with 24-hour room service or a refrigerator is a good idea. Make sure the area you visit and hotel comes highly recommended to minimize unwanted occurrences on your trip.

Let your babymoon be known. Tell your hotel-booking agent you are on your babymoon. Tell your flight attendant and your host or waiter at the restaurants you visit. They may just throw in something extra to make your stay memorable.

Focus on Your Partner. Use this trip as a chance for you to bond, strengthen your friendship and maintain or bring back more romance in your union during your pregnancy. Plan a romantic surprise for your love or get them a babymoon gift and write a nice card. Plan to have at least one romantic dinner where you take turns telling the other what you appreciate about them and what you are thankful for. Make a playlist of your favorite romantic songs and remember to be sweet and encouraging to the one you love.

Additional Tips For Traveling While Pregnant:

  • Take copies of your medical records, all prenatal records and proof of insurance. Have your doctor’s information handy as well as local medical services, phone numbers and directions of hospitals nearby your destination.
  • Know your blood type.
  • Make a list of all the medications you take and pack them ahead of time.
  • Get your flu vaccine.
  • Request a pat down ahead of time if flying. There are no longer term studies on the Advanced Imaging Technology Scanners that security has you stand in while it revolves around your body. Metal detectors should be fine but talk to Transportation Security Administration at the airports you’ll be traveling through before your trip.
  • Take time to stretch throughout your journey to prevent blood clots. Consider wearing a pair of compression tights or socks to keep your blood flowing properly. Elevate your feet when you are sitting.
  • Remove jewelry when flying. Try wearing rings on a necklace to prevent them from getting stuck when you swell.
  • Always have bottled water and sunscreen with you. Bring healthy snacks too.
  • Pack comfortable shoes, eye mask, earplugs, loose and comfortable clothing, extra meds and vitamins, and a comfortable pillow.
  • Wash your hands often. Bring along hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid tap water, ice in your drinks, or uncooked fruits and vegetables in areas where this could be a health issue.
  • Enjoy!!!

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