Celebrate National Cord Blood Awareness Month with CBR!

July Forecast from CBR: Bright with a strong chance of smiles

Every year, CBR® looks forward to July. Not just because it’s officially summer and family vacays, BBQs and sunshine are in full swing. But also because it also marks Cord Blood Awareness Month: a celebration to spread the word about the awesome powers of newborn stem cells found in a baby’s umbilical cord blood.

At CBR, we’re passionate about the power of newborn stem cells. We strive to be a resource for families (whether your family is just getting started or continuing to grow)!

If you’re expecting, July is a great time to get started with CBR and help contribute towards the cause. In honor of Cord Blood Awareness Month, we are donating a portion of the proceeds from each enrollment to the Newborn Possibilities Fund (up to $100,000), which donates money to non-profit organizations that support cord blood research and education.

We’ve put together answers to some common questions you may have about cord blood and newborn stem cell preservation. Spread your new knowledge by sharing this article!

Q: What is cord blood?

A: Cord blood comes from a newborn’s umbilical cord and contains powerful stem cells.

Doctors are using cord blood for stem cell transplants and are researching cord blood as potential treatments for diseases that currently have no cure. In fact, cord blood stem cells have been used for more than 30 years to regenerate healthy blood and immune systems in 40,000 stem cell transplants worldwide from both donated and privately banked cord blood.

Watch this video to learn more about the superpowers of cord blood.


Q: What is cord blood banking?

A: Cord blood banking, or newborn stem cell preservation, is the storage of umbilical cord stem cells for potential future use.

The cord blood is collected immediately after birth in a safe and painless process done by your healthcare provider. Once the umbilical cord has been clamped and cut, the remaining blood in the umbilical cord is drawn into a collection bag and is sent to a cord blood facility for processing and preservation.

Also planning to delay clamping of the umbilical cord? Don’t worry, it is possible to do both!


Q: Are there current uses for cord blood stem cells?

A: Yes. Cord blood stem cells have been used for more than 30 years in the treatment of over 80 conditions as part of a stem cell transplant.

Today, stem cell research continues to evolve, bringing new hope to patients and their families. In fact, more than 400 CBR families have already used their preserved cord blood. Here’s a list of the conditions they’ve used it for.

Also, check out this CBR family’s story.


Q: Who can use my newborn’s stem cells?

A: Your baby is always a perfect genetic match to his or her cord blood stem cells. Full siblings have up to a 75% chance of being at least a partial genetic match. Parents are always a partial match. In general, the stronger the match, the better the outcomes. Depending on the condition being treated a physician may look to use a child’s own stem cell or may prefer to use those from a partial or full matched donor, like a sibling.

Read about it here, or watch this fun video.


Q: What does cord blood banking cost?

A*: We have a one-time processing fee for cord blood of $1,650, which includes shipping and the first year of storage. After the first year, the annual storage fee is only $150.

We believe that every family should have the opportunity to preserve their baby’s newborn stem cells. That’s why we offer flexible payment options that start at $46 per month. Watch this video to learn more.

Through our Newborn Possibilities Program, families with a qualifying medical need will receive free cord blood processing and five years of storage for cord blood and cord tissue. We’ve helped over 6,000 patients so far!

Pro tip: Add cord blood banking to your gift registry list 😉


Q: How does the process of preserving my baby’s cord blood work? What do I need to do?

A: Follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Enroll with CBR online at cordblood.com/enroll, or call us at 1.888.240.1996
    Enroll in July and we’ll make a donation to the Newborn Possibilities Fund, up to $100,000!
  2. Wait for your collection kit (we’ll ship it to you).
  3. Bring your kit to the hospital or birthing center on your big day.
  4. Call the medical courier after your baby is born and the cord blood has been collected by your healthcare professional.
  5. Let CBR handle the rest. We will notify you when your newborn’s stem cells are safely stored in their new home!

Watch the entire process here!

Questions? Post it in the comments below or give our specialists a call at 1.888.240.1996.

* Pricing subject to change.

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