“Dad, I’m going to save my brother.”

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Pregnant with her second son, Sasoun, in 2017, Armené Kapamajian looked excitedly toward the future. With the holidays coming up, she imagined all the things moms like her would normally do. Her older son, Vaughn, two years old at the time, would have a sibling to play with. There would be winter walks, bundled up tightly, around their neighborhood in Los Angeles. She’d take her children, accompanied by her husband, Dr. Michael Kapamajian, to see their extended family over the holidays.[…]

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COVID-19 and Newborn Stem Cell Trials Gain Momentum

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a worldwide threat that tests the capacity of health care systems around the globe. But the potential for cell-based interventions, including those reliant on cord tissue mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), to make a meaningful difference in the outcomes of patients with severe manifestations of COVID-19 has garnered huge interest from the scientific and medical communities as well as the mainstream press. […]

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