Newborn Possibilities Program Gives Hope to Families in Need

Families facing serious medical conditions may have access to free cord blood banking for through CBR’s Newborn Possibilities Program.

CBR provides free processing and five years of storage to qualifying families so their baby’s stem cells may be used in future treatment and potentially provide access to clinical trials.

A group of families who participated in the Tucson Medical Center pilot of this program have participated in clinical trials using their own stem cells. One Tucson mom, Jessica Schaefer, had a difficult pregnancy with complications that qualified her for this program when she delivered her son, Logan. CBR processed and stored Logan’s cord blood stem cells at no cost to provide a potential future therapeutic option for him. A few years later, he was infused with own cord blood stem cells through a clinical trial as potential treatment for cerebral palsy.

“I am blown away that this program was available to me when I delivered Logan,” says Schaefer. “I am so grateful to CBR for the chance to have my son participate in Georgia Regent’s clinical trial for cerebral palsy. We feel blessed to have the unique opportunity to possibly help Logan lead a happier life, while also helping to advance the science of stem cell therapies.”

Nearly 5,000 families have participated in this program since its inception.

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    1. Hi Yari,

      We invite you to contact our Genetic Counselors at 1.888.932.6568. They can help answer your questions and determine if you qualify for the program. Additional information on the program can be found here.

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