Partnership Aims To Advance Stem Cell Research

CBR and China Cord Blood Corporation (CCBC), China’s first and largest family umbilical cord blood bank, have announced plans for an exciting new partnership. The two most prominent cord blood banks in the world – representing stored samples of over one million newborns worldwide (that’s nearly 1/2 of all cord blood units preserved globally) – will work together to:

  • Share data to establish best practices and procedures for the collection and processing of cord blood to advance international standards
  • Develop a patient and family disease registry for CCBC’s clients in China to aid families impacted by certain diseases across an international and racially diverse population
  • Pursue and support more newborn and stem cell-related clinical trials both here in the US and in China, advancing the science of newborn stem cells worldwide

This represents the most significant joint effort to date in the global cord blood banking industry. Through this collaboration, we hope to create new possibilities to service clients and patients, and provide greater support to the stem cell clinical research communities in both China and the U.S.  – Kam Yuen, CCBC Chairman

Through this collaboration, we will be able to share our expertise and resources and improve mutual access to crucial research in China and the U.S. CBR and CCBC are committed to bringing forward clinical applications of newborn stem cells for a host of conditions that could benefit from regenerative medicine.  – Geoffrey Crouse, CBR President and CEO

The first-of- its-kind alliance is a big step toward raising international awareness of the importance of newborn stem cell research.

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