Just What the Doctor Recommended: Cord Blood Banking

We often hear the question from moms “does my doctor recommend cord blood banking?” So, Cord Blood Registry asked three doctors of Obstetrics and Gynecology* for their thoughts on cord blood banking, choosing a company, and their recommendations. Here’s what they said:

Dr. Tiffany Werbin-Silver, MD, FACOG

What Do You Tell Expecting Mothers?

One of the things I bring up at the 20 Week mark is cord blood banking. Cord blood is the blood flowing through the placenta to the baby, and once delivery occurs, you capture it at that moment, and you have it for a potential lifetime, not only for the baby who is born, who serves as its own perfect match**, but for family members***.

Tell Me About the Research Being Done with Cord Blood Stem Cells

I believe in the research. I really do. I believe this is going to be the wave of the future. I do feel better knowing that it’s there and that the science is progressing and that one day, if I need to, then I’ll have done everything I can do. I’ve had a patient who used her blood cells or stem cells in a clinical trial.

Why Choose CBR?

You want to bank with the place that’s been out there the longest, who’s been doing the most research, has the most stability. The question is always “well, who did you bank with?” I never hesitate; I banked both of my girl’s [cord] blood with CBR. I thought they did a wonderful job.

Dr. Preete Bhanot, MD, FACOG

What Do You Tell Expecting Mothers?

We may not know right now all the things we’ll be able to use stem cells for in the future, but we need to collect them now.

Tell Me About the Research Being Done with Cord Blood Stem Cells

Right now clinical trials are going on to use these cells for children with autism, with hearing loss. In five years, we may have so many more things that we can use these cells for. It is a great investment. You have to do it. I can’t stress that enough.

Dr. Shetal Mansuria, MD

What Do You Tell Expecting Mothers?

What I explain to patients is that the uses are incredible. Treatments of things like lymphomas, leukemias. I know that it can save lives and I have seen it save a life, and I always tell patients that. In that case, it made the difference for this child. The uses are incredible. I think everybody should bank.

Tell Me About the Research Being Done with Cord Blood Stem Cells

The one person that you love and are going to care about more than yourself in this world is going to be this child. I am all for cord blood banking. It may help them down the line.

Why Choose CBR?

I recommend CBR. That’s the bank I chose to bank my [cord] blood with. For a multitude of reasons: they’ve been around the longest, they’re the biggest bank. And, none of the other banks are really doing trials. Of all the banks out there I would definitely recommend CBR.

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*These physicians were paid consultants to Cord Blood Registry and 40 Weeks The Movie.

** For genetic conditions, cord blood stem cells from a donor (like a sibling) may be preferable.

*** Siblings of the same biological parents have a 25% chance of being a perfect match and a 50% chance of being a partial match; biological parents will always be a 25% match.

Ultimate use of newborn stem cells will be determined by the treating physician who will consider if they are applicable for the condition and should come from the patient or a suitable donor. There is no guarantee that treatments being studied in the laboratory, clinical trials, or other experimental treatments (including regenerative medicine applications) will be available in the future.







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