Things to do for a perfect Mother’s Day for your special lady (hint hint, dads)

Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to thank the woman in your life that excitedly and courageously filled the big shoes of being a mom. This calls for a very special celebration each year. Follow these 11 fool-proof ways to make her feel appreciated as a mother, and as a strong, beautiful woman.

  • Let her relax. Plan out her favorite meals for the day. Breakfast in bed, reservations at her new favorite place or ordering in will all do the trick, as long as she isn’t allowed to do things like set the table, cook, or clean. (Hint: breakfast in bed is always a classic favorite.)
  • Gifts. Ever heard the saying “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”? There’s a reason for that: women love jewelry! Or, something handmade or just for her will always touch the heart. Do things like make a family photo album, film a family video with heartfelt messages or craft something unique that shows her you care. If you have older children, have them each make something special and you can even make something on behalf of your baby. Avoid practical gifts, unless it’s something you know she has been wanting.
  • Pamper her. Take the kids out for a couple hours and drop her off at the spa for mother’s day. A mani/pedi or facial and massage package are great options.
  • Unplug the alarm on mother’s day. Take the baby and kids out, leave her a note and flowers, and let her catch up on those precious Z’s.
  • Lighten her load. Mom does a lot around the house. If you and the kids do the chores, here are things you can check off her list: clean the house, repair the creaky door, do the (loads of) laundry, get the groceries, polish the silver, take care of gardening, wash her car (and fill it with gas), and stock up on the dog’s chew toys.
  • Brighten up the house with floral arrangements. This will make any girl smile. Leave her favorite flowers by her bedside, on the dining table and where she likes to sit in the living room.
  • Enjoy the great outdoors. Take a bike ride, gather the kids and dog for a walk or go on a picnic in the park.
  • Serenade her. Create a playlist of her favorite tunes and have music playing in the house. Good music is good for the soul.
  • Surprise her! Plan a fun weekend getaway with the kids to your family’s favorite spot or a new location she’s been wanting to explore.
  • Invite the extended family. Bonding with all generations can be very fulfilling and a great way to celebrate moms and the family unit.
  • Tell her you care. Last but not least, verbal reassurance goes a long way. Praising mom with kind and loving words throughout the day will make the kind gestures that much more meaningful and she will absolutely love hearing how much she is loved and appreciated.

Thank you to all the moms out there!


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