Are You an Expecting Father? Then You Might Want to Check Out This 5 Step Guide

Pregnancy is an exciting time for both moms and dads-to-be, but commonly the focus is all on momma. This can result in dad left feeling confused, frustrated and without proper guidance. The important thing for expecting fathers to remember is providing the proper support to your partner will help ease the process and you will see happy returns for your patience and effort.

Step 1: Be Open to and Accepting of the Unexpected

It is normal for all expectant fathers to have fears, concerns, confusing and conflicting thoughts about the arrival of their new baby, their relationship with mom and more. Even moms have these feelings (maybe more than you realize). If you need extra help communicating or dealing with your feelings, therapy is a great way to make sense of what is happening and plenty of dads seek professional help during this time. The best thing dads can do is be helpful, open and share feelings in a constructive way, while remaining empathetic to sensitivities. Keep a positive outlook and be confident that everything will turn out all right.

Step 2 : Prepare Your Nest

There will be extra household chores that your partner may have difficultly handling or just need an extra set of hands with during pregnancy. Remember that many pregnant women get very fatigued; they are sensitive to smells and are also struggling with carrying extra weight. Taking on more than your share during this time will be much appreciated, and may even be needed. Grocery shopping or bringing bags in the house, sweeping and vacuuming (among other more difficult tasks) will go a long way. If you plan to have a nursery, set it up and decorate it with your partner, which will be exciting and a great way to bond.

Step 3: Plan Ahead

Budget with your partner. Factor in all the medical bills during pregnancy and after birth for mama and baby. Maternity clothes, baby clothes, supplies, groceries and pharmacy bills should all be considered. Early on, look into your child’s future and start thinking about what you want your family and child to have. Preparing for your child’s medical future by saving newborn stem cells is the first investment to make for your baby.

Step 4: Be Affectionate

Talk about your desires and what you are feeling in a loving, kind way. Make sure your partner feels attractive by complimenting her, locking eyes, holding her hand in public and putting your arm around her often. Be proud of her and what the two of you created.

Step 5: Now, Be the Best You Can Be

Get in tune with your feelings, meditate in the morning and evening and engage in a healthy activity that helps you relax every day. Read baby and parenting books and come up with fun ideas to make parenting more enjoyable when your baby arrives. You will feel great knowing you’ve taken the time to do good things for yourself as you prepare for fatherhood.

Remember, your partner trusts you enough to carry and have your baby and thinks you are the man. So be the best man you can be by keeping a healthy balance yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally. Your baby and partner will love you for your strength, support and grace.


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