Exciting News from CNN: Autism Study Results with Cord Blood Stem Cells

As with many families seeking alternate therapies for autism, one family shares their delight in their decision to have their daughter undergo a cord blood infusion. A recent study at Duke University published findings showing the safety of using a child’s own cord blood stem cells for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The study was initiated in order to find a more effective treatment for children who experience ASD, and researchers at Duke believe cord blood may help ease ASD symptoms. 12 children from CBR (25 participants total), were involved in the first phase of the study. A baseline assessment of behavioral and functional tests occurred prior to cord blood stem cell infusion and additional tests took place 6 and 12 months later. While the intent of this phase 1 study was to show the use of a child’s own cord blood for autism is safe, parent’s also reported improvements in their children’s behavior, like the Gregory family who shared their optimism for this treatment with CNN. These findings indicate hope for a phase 2 study aimed to determine if in fact it was the cord blood stem cell infusion that delivered some of these positive results.

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