Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas For Parents

Praise Your Favorite Kindergarten Scholar

Kindergarten is a big deal for kids and parents alike. Start rewarding your child for their dedication to learning and following through with their educational goals by recognizing their big achievement in graduating kindergarten. As they pass each grade your child will be well on their way to becoming a well-informed, capable member of society. Each stage of their educational career is an important one, so start your appreciation of their efforts in advance to keep them encouraged to continue their education and promote their excitement in accomplishing goals.

  • Jewelry or a Watch: Now that your child can tell time, a child’s watch is a great gift and very useful for them as they begin first grade. A pendant or a locket with family pictures inside is also a charming gift that can have sentimental value.
  • A Scrapbook or An Album: How about making an album of your child’s favorite kindergarten memories and pictures? Include shots with all their classmates and leave space in the end to include graduation celebration photos to add later. You can have their friends sign the back like a yearbook and include a special message from you, your partner and their teacher.
  • A First Grade Prep Pack: Get a new backpack filled with fun supplies like coloring books, crayons, markers, pens, erasers, paper, workbooks, toys, candy, notebooks and some stationary with their name to write thank you notes to friends. Personalize the items by getting it with their favorite color or character, cartoon, etc.
  • New Books and Music: Get your little one some new books that they’ll enjoy to read over the summer to help them prepare for first grade and a new DVD or CD that they’ll enjoy just for fun. Consider starting them on a musical instrument with a keyboard, recorder or a guitar.
  • Art Easel: Encourage your child to continue doing art projects at home with a new easel, paints, brushes and more art supplies.
  • Outdoor Games: Get them a new bike, scooter or ball. Maybe something fun to play with over the summer like a slip n slide or a super soaker.
  • Day Tripper or a Weekender: Take them to their favorite amusement park for the day and buy them a memento to remember the experience. Try taking your child to the beach or the mountains or a pretty lake. Reward them with a fun experience the entire family can enjoy together.




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