Parental Tips For Teaching Values To Your Children

Values are taught to a child at an early age. But do you know how to properly teach your children to be kind, honest and considerate? CBR covers the basics.

Lead by Example

To start, parents must remain positive and lead by example. Children are like sponges, soaking up everything they see, so keep an open mind and an open heart to help your child to grow up kind with a healthy attitude.

The Law of Positivity

Learn to feed your child’s soul and be happy with doing a good deed and not expecting anything in return. The law of positivity is a powerful thing. When you send good vibes out into the universe you get them back, Good things happen. Bad things happen too, but it is all about how you react to the situation. Teach your child we can’t control people or what happens in life but we can control our own attitude.

Tell The Truth

Little white lies may seem harmless but they lead to bigger lies. Make sure your child is honest with you and others. You want them to grow up to be a genuine authentic person; this starts with them being real and honest. No fabrications, no hiding, sneaky behavior or harmful secrets. Remember the circle of trust and that some things can be kept private between families.

Taking Responsibility

We can’t be perfect all the time. We are going to make mistakes. Show your child how to take responsibility. Admit when they are wrong and how to correct the problem and grow from it. Show them just because they apologize doesn’t mean they get to repeat the behavior. Explain to them there are consequences to their words and behavior. Show them how to learn from it, so when the similar situation arises they are better prepared to make the right choice. Teach them to be compassionate and not selfish.

Love Yourself

Teach children not to beat themselves up for being different or for any weakness. Help them love and accept themselves so they love others. We all know you can’t truly have love in your heart until you start loving yourself. Embrace your child’s hopes, dreams and encourage their passions and what makes them happy.

Coping With Disappointments

In life, there are a lot of disappointments. It is part of learning and growth. It isn’t always going to go as planned and there will be plenty of hardships for everyone. Teach them to get back on the horse when they fall off. Always teach your child to follow the light and reach higher everyday. Teach them to do the right thing even when it is the most difficult or unpopular option.

Show Your Love

Be affectionate with your words and actions. Hugs, kisses, and tender gestures should be something everyone is comfortable displaying with their loved ones. Some children complain as they get older that they never heard “I love you” or received hugs from their parents and they are uncomfortable showing love and emotion. Obviously, there are inappropriate and appropriate public displays of affection however, your child should always be confident that they are loved even when they are in trouble or misbehaving. Be generous with your feelings, do not withhold love because you are in a mood or angry. Showing your love should be unconditional.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. Please consult your child’s healthcare provider directly for medical advice, diagnoses, and treatments. If you have specific questions or concerns about the health or development of your child, consult your child’s physician.


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