10 Things To Check Off Your List Before Preschool

You have done all the preparation with your child at home to make sure they have the skills and the know how to be a successful student in preschool. Your child has been eagerly anticipating their first day of school but before they start their first day you will need to make sure you have these 10 tips covered.

  1. Make sure you have toured the facility, met the staff and have all the correct information in place.
  2. Label all your child’s items you don’t want lost or mixed up. They should have a backpack, jacket, blanket, favorite toy, sturdy shoes, lunch box, etc. Pack a small photo book of your family with your contact numbers and address in case of an emergency. Your child should understand safety and the importance of stranger danger and which adults to trust. Let them know they should only share this private information with qualified professionals that you know.
  3. Contact your child’s school, onsite healthcare professional and teacher to make sure all the staff is aware of any allergies or medical information, medication or specials needs your child may have.
  4. Figure out your transportation options and school times so you can get your child to and from school safely and on time. If you have a caregiver or someone else picking up your child make sure your child and their teacher know exactly who your child is supposed to go home with. If that changes, call and make sure they know.
  5. Have a school bedtime that is different than on the weekend or during summer if your child likes to stay up a little later than normal. That way they know they need more sleep during class days.
  6. Review your child’s syllabus and their day after school each time they come home as well as the next morning to discuss what they need to know before they go to class.
  7. Plan on spending some time in your child’s classroom to meet the staff and get them accustomed to the space, other children and items they’ll be using.
  8. Make sure your child is potty trained and knows the proper bathroom procedures.
  9. Get to know the other children and parents in your class the first day. Start to become more involved and arrange play dates as time goes by. Always become familiar with everyone and the materials they are studying.  
  10. When starting preschool at first visit hang around and get them comfortable but don’t hover over your child. Make sure they aren’t rushed out the door that morning and allow plenty of time to get them ready and come in relaxed and with a good attitude. Most importantly, have a sweet and short goodbye and stay positive!

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