A Father’s Day Lesson from One of CBR’s Family

2 minute read | By Lane T., dad of two and CBR employee of almost 2 years

A Father’s Day Lesson from One of CBR’s Family: Tips From a Second Time Father


I was 18 years old and still in high school when I had my first child, Kaden. It was a scary and trying time in my life. I had no idea how to care for a newborn baby, let alone take care of myself. The first six months were definitely the hardest as we both tried to understand each other and how this father-son relationship worked.

Over time, and with many speed bumps along the way, I began to trust myself and my abilities as a father, and Kaden grew to trust and love me. Life for an 18-year-old dad was, to say the least, frightening, but rewarding at the same time. Trying to keep up with school work, sports, and a social life (which was non-existent) was an arduous task, especially since they would always come second to taking care of Kaden.

As the years progressed my tasks as a young father started to get easier and more routine, and we came to depend on one another. I have had the honor of watching Kaden grow into an outstanding young man who is kind, full of love and life, who cherishes his family and friends, and always helps those in need.

Jumping forward 17 years later, my wife has given birth to my second son Quinn. Born on April 1, 2018, he is full of life and also the happiest baby you’ve ever seen. Coming home to see his wide eyes and gummy smiles absolutely melts my heart.

I also stored his newborn stem cells with CBR, where I now work. Back when I had Kaden, I didn’t even know such a thing was possible. But with the knowledge I have now, I’m happy I was able to make that investment for him.

Being a father again at the age of 36 brings a new perspective to raising a child. Unlike the young teenage father who fumbled around trying to understand how to raise a child, I now find myself more patient, understanding, and, let’s face it, wiser to the world. Being older and coming so far in life has made this unexpected but joyful addition to the family far more enjoyable and far less scary.

I have a wife who I absolutely adore and depend on to be my rock, as she does me. Together, we have a clear path in front of us. It may not be paved or adorned with signs telling us which way to go, but as long as the four of us are together, there is no obstacle that can’t be navigated or conquered. With each breath we take, life is given. We should cherish it and never forget that the people in our lives are what makes life so enchanting.

– Lane

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