National Cancer Survivors Day: Keegan’s Story

Each year on the first Sunday of June, communities worldwide join in solidarity for National Cancer Survivors Day: a celebration of survivors, a support group for friends and families, and a campaign to build awareness among the billions of people around the world.

Today we also want to help celebrate survivors and bring hope and awareness to the issue of cancer by highlighting the story of Keegan, a CBR client who battled leukemia as a young child.

Keegan’s Story
Wendy Doheney remembers her son as a normal, active two-year-old boy. But one morning he woke up with a large bruise on his ribcage. Sadly, after a visit to the doctor’s, Wendy was informed that Keegan had leukemia.

“As a mom, it’s probably the worst feeling you could ever experience in your life.” — Wendy Doheney

Over time, Keegan was able to achieve remission through chemotherapy. And when Wendy was pregnant again, she learned about all the potential that stem cells could provide her family and decided to bank her second son’s cord blood.

Little did she know, her family would end up needing the cord blood. When Keegan was five years old, he relapsed with leukemia. This time, the doctors gave him a 50/50 chance for survival.

His doctors felt a stem cell transplant may give Keegan a fighting chance. Thankfully, his younger brother was a perfect match. After more therapies and a transplant using his brother’s cord blood, Keegan has remained free of leukemia ever since!

Where’s Keegan Now?
When we last checked in on Keegan, he had graduated high school and received a degree in Political Science from the University of California, Channel Islands! He continued his education at McGeorge School of Law and passed the Bar exam in 2018. 

Since then he has settled in Colorado and is a practicing public defender. He coaches high school mock trials and still works to raise money and awareness in the fight against cancer. Keegan is also a new dog owner and loves hiking with friends!

“I’ve been healthy since I was five-and-a-half because of the transplant I got from my little brother.” — Keegan Doheney

Knowing that cord blood stem cells have helped so many people reminds us why we’re here: To give our families more possibilities for a healthier future.

More than 600 of our families have used their newborn stem cells in investigational regenerative uses or as part of a stem cell transplant. Check out some of their videos and stories here.

As always, we’ll keep you posted as the science moves forward. Keep on the lookout for our next article, and don’t forget to share with friends and family!

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2 thoughts on “National Cancer Survivors Day: Keegan’s Story

  1. Love this. Congratulations Keegan. I am so thrilled to read that you are healthy. God bless you and the roads you travel in the future.

  2. I am so glad that I have my child’s stem cells Safe with CBR, am also happy to know that CBR is there to give families more possibilities for a healthier future.
    Thank you CBR!!!!

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