From sickle cell patient to microbiology major

Carol Mulumba, now an author and microbiology major at UCLA, has an incredible story of hope and strength to share. Join us for this special chat as she breaks down her struggle with sickle cell anemia, and how she was cured by a stem cell transplant using her brother’s cord blood and bone marrow. The cord blood transplant was made possible by CBR’s Newborn Possibilities Program

At CBR, we’re honored to be able to help Carol Mulumba and others like her. By sponsoring more than 9,000 families and counting through the Newborn Possibilities Program, we’re doing our part to help the scientific community realize the full potential of newborn stem cells.   

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2 thoughts on “From sickle cell patient to microbiology major

  1. Hey Girl Hey!
    I just wanted to say Thank You! I really needed to hear your story. I was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in the womb. Because of the conflicting views of others I struggled my whole life with feeling worthless. I am now 28 years young thanks to the bone marrow transplant that I received from my mother. I am also in Recovery from methamphetamines. My fiancee and I got clean together. Our clean date is February 7, 2021. We have our moments but are going as strong as we can seeing as I have Hepatitis C which I take full responsibility for. Much Love Beautimous!

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