5 Ways to Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

There are many ways to share some exciting news with your partner that you’re pregnant. Some are funny. Others are sentimental. Many are both. Whatever you choose, it will be perfect and uniquely yours.

When you first discover the news yourself, the surge of excitement is extraordinarily intense. It’s the most exciting news of your life, yet all you have to show for it is a stick with two pink lines on it. You want to shout the news from a mountain top, but have to figure out how to contain your emotions. You still have to tell your partner. And you want to come up with a creative way to break the news.

But how? Do you text a picture of the pregnancy test with a “GUESS WHAT” in large font? Take a picture of the man cave and Photoshop in a wrecking ball?

For me, finding out was a complete surprise. My wife remained patient and waited all day for me to come home to stealthily break the news.

She had been out shopping for a friend’s baby shower earlier in the day, so it was easy to be inconspicuous about the large pyramid of baby clothes in the center of our living room when I arrived.

“You want to see what I got?” she asked as her plan kicked into gear.

“Sure,” I replied nonchalantly.

She went through a few outfits containing friendly images of bees, alligators, and sharks holding each one up as she recited the great deal she received on each purchase. (It was that moment I realized children’s clothing designers led to my overtrust of dangerous animals. Each one of these creatures could either sting, maim, or decapitate me if I were within five feet of them. Yet, they look so cuddly on the clothes).

At the end of the fashion show, she held up a onesie to her chest that looked like an ant could possibly squeeze into if it dieted for a season.

“And I got this for our baby,” she said, smiling.

My eyes grew large and my face contorted into one of those faces you should never do in case it freezes.

Stuttering, and with the side of my mouth up near my eye, I replied, “our baby?”

“Yes, our baby,” she responded.

After the shock subsided, a huge smile formed, there was a hug, and then a whole lot of excitement. Our lives were changed forever.

Here are a few other trending methods of breaking the news, if you need inspiration:

  1. Present your husband with a onesie sporting the logo of his favorite sports team.
  2. Add parenting magazines and prenatal vitamins to your husband’s shopping list next time you send him to the store and see if he figures it out.
  3. Pick up a bun from the bakery and put it in your oven. When your husband gets home tell him you have something in the oven you need him to take a look at.
  4. Swap out your husband’s adult beverages in the refrigerator with jars of baby food.
  5. For a second child – Put a “For Rent” sign on your current child’s crib.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to break the news. It will be an extraordinary moment in both your lives regardless of your plan. One thing is usually certain – happiness will ensue.

How did you break the news to your partner? Post a comment below!

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