6 Throwback Family Films to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Here’s a breakdown of our favorite #tbt holiday movies, along with a special bonus: quotes! Warning: parents with children, you’re in for a laugh.

#6: A Christmas Story

Ralphie: “Now it was serious. A double-dog-dare. What else was there but a “triple dare you”? And then, the coup de grace of all dares, the sinister triple-dog-dare.”

#5: The Santa Clause

Scott Calvin: “You know, you look pretty good for your age.”

Little Elf Judy: “Thanks, but I’m seeing someone in wrapping.”

#4: How The Grinch Stole Christmas


How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) Poster


Lou Lou Who: “I’m glad he took our presents. You can’t hurt Christmas, Mr. Mayor, beacuse it isn’t about the… the gifts or the contest or the fancy lights. That’s what Cindy’s been trying to tell everyone… and me. I don’t need anything more for Christmas than this right here: my family.”

#3: Christmas Vacation

Rusty Griswold: “Dad, this tree won’t fit in our back yard.”

Clark: “It’s not going in the yard, Russ. It’s going in the living room.”

#2: Elf

Buddy: “What about santa’s cookies? I suppose parents eat those too?”

And, coming in at #1: Home Alone

Kate McCallister: “Did I turn off the coffee?”

Peter McCallister: “No… I did.”

Kate McCallister: “Did you lock up?”

Peter McCallister: “Yeah.”

Kate McCallister: “Did we set the timers on the lights?”

Peter McCallister: “Yeah.”

Kate McCallister: “Did you close the garage?”

Peter McCallister: “That’s it. I forgot to close the garage, that’s it.”

Peter McCallister: “No, that’s not it.”

Kate McCallister: “Well, what else could we be forgetting?”

Kate McCallister: “KEVIN!”

Share your favorite quote from one of these movies with us in the comments!

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