An Essential Checklist For Packing Your Hospital Bag …And What To Have Ready For Bringing Baby Home

You’ve been planning and preparing for months! You’ve read all the baby books and now all you need to do is pack your hospital bag. This list is designed to help you prepare – and stay prepared! Whether you have a scheduled C-section or a more flexible birth plan, you should pack your bag ahead of time (around 34 weeks). Also, keep your bag in a hall closet, close to the front door, or somewhere you won’t forget!

Your hospital bag checklist:

  1. Insurance info, picture ID, hospital registration forms and your birth plan.
  2. Cell phone and charger. List of names and phone numbers that your partner or family member should call after the birth.
  3. Camera and video camera. Don’t forget the batteries or charger!
  4. Cash and change for snacks and things at the hospital.
  5. 2-3 pairs of warm non-skid socks and a pair of slippers to walk around in before and after labor. You may want to bring some flip-flops as well for the shower (remember your feet will likely be swollen).
  6. A warm robe or sweater you don’t mind getting stained and a nightgown you don’t care ruining either.
  7. Maternity bras (no under wires) and nursing pads for support and leak protection.
  8. Breast pump if you plan to use one. The nurses will show you how.
  9. Your CBR CellAdvantage® Newborn Stem cell Collection Kit. Be sure to tell the nurses that collecting cord blood is part of your birth plan, and don’t forget to call the medical courier after delivery for pick-up!
  10. Maternity underwear and sanitary pads.
  11. ChapStick or tinted lip balm, hairbrush, barrettes, bobby pins, headband or pony tail holder, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant face wash or make-up wipes. More products. Mascara, blush and eyeliner, concealer, hand held mirror, tweezers, body lotion and face moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, body wash/soap, contacts, lense case and solution, and eye glasses (if you wear them). Travel sized products are the best, so you don’t have a bag that’s too heavy.
  12. Emory board for you and your baby’s nails.
  13. Back massager and lotion.
  14. Soft, warm, thick, fluffy towels and pillows. Hospital towels are very thin and often uncomfortable. Having your favorite pillow(s) will make a world of difference, too.
  15. A positive book or magazines, an iPod to listen to music and some DVDs and a computer to watch movies on.
  16. Bring pictures of your other kids for your hospital room to inspire you and ward off any jealousy they may have when meeting your newborn for the first time.
  17. Your birth partner should have a gym bag with basic hygiene products and a change of clothes (or two) as well.
  18. Last, but not least, you’ll want to look fabulous in the pictures of you and your baby coming home. Bring some cute and comfy change of “going home” clothes, attractive flat shoes to match and sunglasses. Make sure your partner has something appropriate to wear for the occasion as well. Your new baby will need a cute outfit, too!
  19. Anything else you can’t live without for a couple of days.

What to bring for baby coming home:

  1. Federal Law approved car seat.
  2. A soft carrier for hands free use when you can’t put your baby down (be warned: this will happen).
  3. A stroller.
  4. An extra bag to bring home what you accumulated in the hospital like diapers, wipes, creams, bottles, formula, papers, etc.
  5. A nursing pillow and bib.
  6. Warm blankets.
  7. An adorable, classic and seasonally appropriate coming home outfit for photographs. If it is a cold time of year, bring a hat, jacket and warm booties for your little one.
  8. Have all the other essentials you need at home ready to go.
  9. A smile, patience, and love!

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