Update on clinical trials for cell-based approaches for treating COVID-19 complications.

The scientific and medical communities have moved rapidly to initiate clinical trials in an effort to identify ways to help those critically ill COVID-19 patients. Stem cells are one area of intense clinical research as a potential therapeutic strategy for COVID-19 patients. 

Evaluating stem cells as part of treating COVID-19 patients 

Based on early evidence, there is reason to evaluate if stem cells can mitigate severe complications in critical patients with COVID-19. Based on multiple lines of evidence, MSCs are being considered as candidate therapeutic options as part of COVID-19 intervention for patients with pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). 

We have previously described some of the clinical trials that have been planned or announced that are focused on determining if certain types of stem cells are safe and effective as part of the treatment for COVID-19 complications.

There are also companies and physicians that have expressed their interest in filing for clinical trial approval with the FDA to evaluate umbilical cord blood or tissue cells as part of treatment for COVID-19 infection and complications, an indicator that we may soon see newborn stem cells being evaluated in clinical trials for COVID-19 patients. 

It is imperative that the ideas being proposed continue to be channeled through the appropriate framework established by the FDA to ensure patient safety. Likewise, the FDA’s quick movement to fast-track the review and approval of COVID-19 clinical trial applications is encouraging as it means critically ill COVID-19 patients will have access to potentially therapeutic options in an expedited manner.

CBR’s commitment to our families and their health. 

CBR is committed to ensuring our families are able to utilize newborn stem cells for COVID-19 under the appropriate guidelines of a clinical trial; we will work hand in hand with any of our families enrolling in FDA approved clinical trials or compassionate use protocols where their newborn stem cells may be part of treating COVID-19 and associated complications. For more information on how we will work with our CBR clients for clinical trials that are evaluating cord blood or tissue in COVID-19 patients please see our update from Dr. Jaime Shamonki, CBR’s Chief Medical Officer. 

The other way CBR will help is by continuing to work with our broad network of doctors and scientists, many of whom have shifted their research to help address COVID-19. CBR is actively identifying ways that we can partner and make meaningful contributions to support clinical and laboratory COVID-19 research. CBR stands by at the ready to help our families in this difficult time. We will continue to update you with the ways that we are helping to facilitate COVID-19 research and are committed to keeping you informed in this rapidly evolving area.  

5 thoughts on “Update on clinical trials for cell-based approaches for treating COVID-19 complications.

  1. My sister it’s in severe condition, at the hospital with Covid-19, respiratory problems, find blood clots in her legs. Has been 7 days in the hospital and been treat for plasma transfusion with any change, only she has been a able to lay on her back for 1 hr, and then turn her back in stomach position… Can my sister Be candidate for Stem Cells Treatment????

    1. Hi Lezeth, we are very sorry to hear about your sister’s condition and hope she is recovering. At the moment, stem cells are not currently the standard of care for COVID-19 since the research is in the very early stages. We will continue to keep our clients up to date as the research progresses. To find more information on active clinical trials, please visit clinicaltrials.gov.

  2. Hello. My boys’ father, age 47, is a critically ill Covid patient, and has been hospitalized and intubated for more than 6 weeks. My son’s cord blood was banked through CBR almost 20 years ago. Are clinical trials pertaining to cord blood and Covid-19 still moving forward? I’ve been researching, but can’t find anything concrete yet. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for choosing to store your children’s stem cells with CBR. It is too early to know if newborn stem cells banked today will be used as part of future treatment options for COVID-19; however, if your physician requests the use of your child’s sample, we have a dedicated team of genetic counselors and clinical specialists who are here to help. You can reach our clinical team by calling 888.240.1996 or by completing a contact request in your online account here: https://www.cordblood.com/client-center/#/login?page=adv-science.

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