Pro football, pregnancy, and staying strong through it all

Woohoo, it’s Super Bowl time! Even though the Broncos aren’t in the Super Bowl this year, that didn’t stop Kate Brown, Ph.D., Broncos super-fan and CBR’s Scientific Director, from sitting down with Denver Broncos players Elijah Wilkinson and Shelby Harris and their spouses in a series of chats about babies, newborn stem cells, football, and much more. 

In their first chat, Kate asks both couples about how COVID has impacted their recent pregnancies. Watch below. 

Next, Kate walks them through the process of having their newborn’s stem cells collected on the big day! (That’s the other “big day” just to be clear 😉 ) 

Lastly, we hear from both couples on why they wanted to preserve — and how they see it impacting their lives down the road. 

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